Are you a pharmaceutical company looking for a CMO or subcontractor to meet your secondary packaging needs for pharmaceutical products or medical devices?

CRNA Pharma, a company committed to quality, can be your partner.

Specialist in secondary packaging of pharmaceutical products

For both repack and pack services, CRNA Pharma has developed expertise that is recognised by major pharmaceutical companies.
Our expertise meet all your needs: from packaging design to graphic file management, QC of packaging components and of course packaging operations.
Depending on the quantities or the complexity of the operations, production will be carried out manually or on automatic lines.



Quality standards: GMP certification for Europe, FAMHP authorisations, production in clean rooms to ISO 5 to ISO 8 standards.
Flexibility: adapting production processes according to execution needs while respecting standards and regulations.
Partnership: our philosophy; partnership between the customer, CRNA Pharma and its suppliers for the development and innovation of packaging for your products.
Adaptability: manual or automated operations for small, medium or large volumes.